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Model of application

Inscrit le: 17 Avr 2010
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Hello everyone,
You're actually not dreaming, it is still possible to be recruited by the Elsan club. Even though it has not always been the case, we are currently more accessible than before. Our criterias of in-game level have been lowered in terms of importance, and now we focus more on finding friendly players, with a good team spirit, in a nutshell: good partners.
Indeed, even if EoS remains our main game, keep in mind that the Elsans are, above all things, a small family. We love spending nice evenings on mumble, discussing anything like the weather, playing EoS, and sometimes, playing some other games (League of Legends, Combat Arms, PES, etc.).
Now, it's your turn, take your time for your application (spell check, layout, etc.) and do not hesitate to add any information you consider useful whenever you want. Please answer with complete sentences as often as possible, be clear, precise, and do not limit yourself in terms of words, we love reading. Of course, the more original your application is, the more chances of succeeding in being recruited you have. So feel free to add any piece of information, what follows is just a basic application to get the minimum of information we need to take a decision. Good luck!

IRL introduction:

First name:



Do you have a microphone?

If yes, do you have the software Mumble?

Indicate here why you want to join the club:

Avatar's introduction:

Game's ID:

Global level:

Level by sport:

- Football:
- Tennis:
- Basket:
- Track & field:
- Bobsleigh:
- Ski:


Desired position(s):


Desired position(s):


Brief description of your style of play

Availability schedule:

- Monday:
- Tuesday:
- Wednesday:
- Thursday:
- Friday:
- Saturday:
- Sunday:

In order to know more about you and your motivations:

- What are you objectives in Empire of Sports?

- What is your list of awards?

- How were you aware of existence of our club?

- What are your former clubs and why have you left them?

- Do you play other games than EoS?

- What are your leisure activities, hobbies and interests in life?

- What is your job or what are you studying?

Bonus questions:

- How did you get the idea for your ID and where does it come from?

- What are your 2 main faults and your 2 main qualities that describe you the best?

- What are your 3 favorite movies?

- PES or FIFA ?

- What do you think of the theory of relativity from Einstein?
- Given the fact that a cat always lands on its feet, and that a buttered toast always lands on the wrong side, in your opinion, what is going to happen if we attach a buttered toast on the back of a cat and then throw it through the window ?

- Are you for or against the hunt of earless seals in South Pole?

- Do you like curling?

- And, in conclusion, tell us a joke!

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Model of application
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